Leadership Team

Patricia Stewart, CFO - Keystone Metrofiber

Patricia Stewart

Chief Financial Officer

Pat’s telecommunication education started in 1966 beginning with on the site training at Ironton Telephone Company where she’s worked diligently to learn and expand her knowledge of company accounting as the years passed.

She served many years as the Chief Financial Officer and was installed as the President of Ironton Internet and Telephone in 2018. Ironton is one of 200 independent telecommunications companies in the United States. Pat has been recognized by the Eastern Rural Telecommunications Association – the first female to be honored as President. Lehigh Valley Businesses awarded her the highest honor of Lifetime Achievement on September 19, 2013.

Richard Stewart

Managing Director

Born and raised in the Lehigh Valley ,Richard graduated from Lehigh University in 1998 with a Master’s degree in History and is an adjunct professor of history at Lehigh Carbon Community College, Northampton Community College, and Montgomery Community Colleges. Richard splits his time between the United States Postal Service, where he works in the Finance Department, and Ironton Internet & Telephone where he serves as an executive assistant.

Richard Stewart, Managing Director - Keystone Metrofiber
Paul Rizzo, Co-Founder - Keystone MetroFiber

Paul Rizzo


Paul has been a fixture in the telecommunications industry since the early 90s, starting at Bell Atlantic’s Avis project in Dover Township New Jersey – the first fiber-to-the-curb deployments incorporating voice and video. Later, he started a successful company with his Brother, Integrated Solutions and Services (ISS), where he helped develop and manage the Lucent Business partnership for PBX sales. ISS grew to hundreds of Enterprise customers in the tri-state area.

Prior to KM, Paul worked at InfonXX Premier Directory Assistance Company, an operator services provider in the United States, where he was instrumental in building and designing the network, which processed over 80 million monthly calls at the peak. Paul was also involved in acquiring and merging the assets of Excel Services into the Infonxx Network.

Paul has been a critical member of Ironton Telephone since 2014, and has been instrumental in designing and developing Ironton’s Gpon Network, making Ironton Telephone the first company in the Lehigh Valley to deploy FTTH as an independent telephone operator.

Richard Kolsby

Chief Technical Officer

Richard is a pioneer in the telecommunications industry and a successful serial entrepreneur with a track record in defining leading-edge business opportunities and building successful companies. He has built many successful fiber and wireless businesses including the first public fiber CLEC, Intermedia Communications.

Richards’s experience is evident in the metropolitan fiber networks he has built and operated in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston. He has also built wireless networks in Aspen, Sioux Falls, Peace Valley, and Bainbridge using both 2.5 GHz and 3.65 GHz wireless spectrum. He learned his skills by working for a family-owned independent telephone company similar to Ironton.

Richard Kolsby, CTO - Keystone Metrofiber