What is CBRS?

CBRS is a spectrum assignment model defined by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission that allows up to 150 MHz in the 3.5 GHz spectrum band to be dynamically shared by different users in an orderly, non-interfering way, at a lower cost than in the traditional exclusive spectrum ownership use model. CBRS defines three tiers of spectrum-use rights.

What is CBRS

Tier 1 Incumbents
U.S. Federal Government, fixed satellite users and other incumbents

Tier 2 Priority Access License (PAL)
companies that have acquired, via auction, exclusive use of a portion of 70 MHz of the spectrum within a geographical area for a finite period.

Tier 3 General Authorized Access (GAA)
shared use of 80 MHz of the spectrum on an as-available, dynamic basis, or any of the remaining 70 MHz not used by a PAL licensee.