Colleges & Universities

Private Wireless Networks for Higher Education in PA

Higher education is built on large libraries, lecture halls, laboratories, lunch halls, classrooms, and dormitories that serve large numbers of tech-savvy students on more laptops and mobile devices than ever before. This same blanket coverage can easily be segmented to allow a completely private end of the network to be used by research lab, physical safety and other facilities infrastructure.

K-12 Education‍

Large groups of linked pupils are present in primary and secondary education now more than ever. Schools are in need of better coverage and predictability that private LTE delivers for their classroom electronics as education continues to integrate an increasing number of digital tools and applications into the classroom. Private mobile networks can support outdoor fixed wireless infrastructure to allow additional broadband connectivity at students’ houses and to empower students to use their devices outside of the classroom. The use of interactive learning platforms, along with the teachers’ ability to adapt lesson plans based on each student’s success, will help students change a negative experience into a positive one.

Private Wireless Networks for K-12 Schools in PA

School Districts Buy Into CBRS, Wi-Fi for Affordable Broadband

Two organizations released a study this past week showing the importance of leveraging public schools, libraries and other community anchors in connecting students and their communities caught in the digital divide…