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Private Wireless Networks for Office Buildings in Lehigh Valley, PA

Offices & Workplaces‍

Modern office buildings and workplaces need more capacity and speed than ever before, as modern workforces are equipped with smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and IoT devices. Businesses can reduce their annual data contracts for public LTE subscriptions and improve the available Wi-Fi capacity for employee-owned and visitor devices by switching the smart building technology to private LTE.

Manufacturing & Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

IoT gadgets like remote cars, robots, and automated machinery are used in Industry 4.0 factories. All of these devices require wireless communication that is highly predictable and can be supported by service level agreements for packet error rate and latency. Private LTE excels at providing consistent coverage in every area of the plant without running into coverage dead zones. Maintenance must be capable of functioning and acting pro-actively in a sector where downtime is unacceptable in order to guarantee that the assembly lines are always operational and accessible. To keep the industrial IoT infrastructure working effectively, private LTE fulfills the challenge with interference-free operation, improved dependability, predictable SLAs, and tighter security.

Private Wireless Networks for Manufacturing Factories in PA
Private Wireless Networks for Warehouses PA

Logistics & Warehousing‍

The introduction of new products and pallet shipments can have a considerable impact on the wireless coverage patterns and network capacity in warehouses because they are, by their very nature, very dynamic locations. Private LTE is the very best option for enterprise IT and logistics operations teams who require dependable connectivity for automated guided vehicles (AGV), ruggedized tablets, push-to-talk handhelds, and other devices that demand always-on connectivity.

Downtime, poor connectivity and spotty coverage are common problems companies run into when deploying large-scale Wi-Fi networks. For some industries, Wi-Fi’s unreliability can put a significant strain on the IT staff…