Stadiums & Arenas

Private Wireless Network s for Stadiums in PA

Stadiums are wide open areas densely packed with fans, TV camera crews, reporters, and sports organizers who all want live real-time connectivity. This requires large-area coverage with high predictability in performance. Strategically placed antennas can ensure that LTE covers the entire indoor and outdoor areas of large stadiums and arenas. This can be used to broadcast private LTE connectivity to push to talk voice handhelds, video surveillance, ticketing and mobile POS stations, computer vision sensors and IoT maintenance infrastructure – that are used to keep the operations for the venues humming along. Alternatively this same infrastructure can be used to provide neutral host services to guests, which allows guest devices to contact their carrier more reliably while still staying segmented from the congested public LTE network.

How CBRS Can Benefit Enterprises and Venue Owners

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