About Keystone Metrofiber

Keystone MetroFiber proudly serves Allentown and the surrounding Lehigh Valley area.

Keystone Metrofiber

Keystone Metro Fiber (KM) which was created by Ironton Telephone Company to design, construct and operate fiber optic and wireless networks and provide high-speed broadband service outside of its certificated ILEC territory. KM is using its three FCC licensed CBRS Priority Access Licenses (PAL’s) to provide highly secure private networks for public and private enterprises throughout the Lehigh Valley.

These institutions will benefit from the vast improvement over existing Wi-Fi networks with better coverage, higher speeds and capacity and increased security. These private networks will be both indoor and outdoor on campuses using small cell technology. KM will also use these private networks to improve cellular coverage in these institutions by becoming a Neutral Host, with equal access to all cellular carriers.

Ironton Telephone Company

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What started out in 1909 with just six miles of open-wire and six customers, has evolved and grown to be a heritage company, celebrating over 105 years of serving the Lehigh Valley with over 90,000 lines served. In 1954, Ironton was incorporated and received its Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.

Today, Ironton Internet & Telephone company continues to be at the forefront of technology by deploying state-of-the-art emerging technologies like Voice over IP (VoIP) into its core network and IP-based soft switching to its legacy customers. Ironton Internet & Telephone serves its expanding customers with thousands of miles of fiber throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Northwestern New Jersey. With its long history, Ironton Internet & Telephone is poised to offer businesses of all sizes as well as industry partners in the Lehigh Valley the most dependable and cost-effective communication services in the region.

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