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Private Wireless Network

Building Connections

Putting Private LTE & 5G to Work

A KM CBRS Private Wireless Network is opening doors to new digital business initiatives on enterprise wireless.​


The following are some common examples of organizations that benefit greatly with private cellular wireless connectivity, next to their existing Wi-Fi and Ethernet based network access infrastructure.

  • Hospitals & Clinics

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Hospitality & Entertainment

  • Stadiums & Arenas

  • Government Facilities

  • Enterprise Business'

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Why KM Private 5G?

Fully Managed Solution

Over 100 Years of Local Service

Public & Private Networks in One Solution

Global Technology Partners

Carrier Grade Solutions

Optimize IoT Connectivity

Secure & Controlled

Introducing the KM Private Wireless Network, a cloud-based, 5G & LTE network that’s custom-built for Lehigh Valley customers. The benefits of a private wireless network can include:

  • Enhanced coverage, reliability, and performance

  • Greater control and management of bandwidth for high-priority functions

  • Lower Latency

There are many organizations that can benefit from using a private network. Use cases range from school districts extending off-campus connectivity to factories allocating bandwidth to latency-sensitive production lines. Please call us today to discuss your unique needs.

What is a Private Wireless Network?

A private wireless network provides wireless broadband connectivity, similar to a public wireless network. But as the name suggests, a private wireless network is owned and controlled by the organization that built it or purchased it.

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Experience Seamless Connectivity Today

Enjoy efficient and fast internet and wireless connectivity for all your home or business needs with Keystone Metrofiber.

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