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Connect your people, places, and things with our carrier grade LTE/5G Private Wireless Network for your enterprise in Lehigh Valley.
What is a Private Wireless Network.
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We are not just proud to provide our private wireless spectrum to the Lehigh Valley, we’re also proud to be your neighbor. Because we live and work where you do, you can count on the kind of exceptional customer service we want—personal, responsive, and reliable!
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Advancing Next-Generation Cellular Technology
Access to recently opened wireless frequencies in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum in the Lehigh Valley allows businesses and public organizations of all sizes to deploy private LTE/5G networks that offer carrier-grade coverage and performance.
What is CBRS
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Putting Private LTE & 5G to Work

A KM CBRS Private Wireless Network is opening doors to new digital business initiatives on enterprise wireless.​

Here are some common examples of organizations that benefit greatly with private cellular wireless connectivity, next to their existing Wi-Fi and Ethernet based network access infrastructure.

Hospitals & Clinics‍

Hospitals involve large buildings, high occupancy counts, confidential patient information, digital instruments, and...

Colleges & Universities

Colleges & Universities, large libraries, lecture halls, laboratories, lunchrooms, classrooms, and dorms that...

Hospitality & Entertainment

Hotels accommodate large numbers of people, placing heavy demands on the network. When hotels host events that...

Stadiums & Arenas

Fans, TV crews, reporters, and sports officials are all crammed into stadiums, which are large open spaces, and they all...

Government Facilities

High security requirements necessitate round-the-clock HD video surveillance at some government locations, such as...

Enterprise Business’

Modern office buildings and workplaces need more capacity and speed than ever before, as modern workforces are...
Keystone MetroFiber Private Wireless LTE & 5G Networks

KM Private Wireless LTE/5G Networks

Introducing the KM Private Wireless Network, a cloud-based, 5G & LTE network that’s custom built for Lehigh Valley customers. The benefits of a private wireless network can include:

There are many organizations that can benefit from using a private network. Use cases range from school districts extending off-campus connectivity, to factories allocating bandwidth to latency-sensitive production lines. Please call us today to discuss your unique needs.

Why KM Private 5G?

Keystone MetroFiber Private Wireless Network

What is a Private Wireless Network

A private wireless network provides wireless broadband connectivity, similar to a public wireless network. But as the name suggests, a private wireless network is owned and controlled by the organization that built it or purchased it.